[Article 963]Hard Men and Mad Men of the 1960s and 1970s.

Hard Men and Mad Men of the 1960s and 1970s.


The Pratten Park Magpies have come up with a team that has been given the above title. We believe that no other club would ever have had the personnel to create such a team. 

A few positional changes have been made.

We will leave it up to the reader to determine into which category each player is more suitable.     

Any additional inclusions are most welcome. Maybe you could come up with a team from your era??



Mick Alchin.

Wests 1968-71.

38 First grade games.     18 tries.

1969 Photo of Mick Alchin close up head shot


Peter Dimond.

Wests 1958-67. 155 First grade games. 83 tries.

                   1-Fullscreen capture 4092013 33540 PM

                                        John “Snoozer” Elford.                           

                                                     Wests 1966-76. 116 First grade games. 13 tries.


John Elford Big Tackle





        Harry”Dealer” Wells

            Wests 1956-1961.

First grade games 73.     33 tries.

Harry Wells v England running

Gil McDougall.

Wests 1962-66. First grade games 74.  Tries 14.

Gil Mc Dougall @ SCg tackled by Jim Lile-001



Terry Lamb

Wests 1980-83.

First grade games 88.     46 tries.



Tommy Raudonikis.

Wests 1969-79.

First grade games 201.   29 tries.

Tommy on the run 1969


Les Boyd.

Wests 1976-79.

First grade games 65.     23 tries.


                                                     Bob Cooper.                                                                               

Wests 1977-82

First grade games 66.

Bob Cooper v Manly

Neville Hornery. 

Wests 1968-69.

First grade games 3.

Nev Hornery 3




    John “Dallas” Donnelly.

Wests 1975-84.

First grade games 144.

                                    Dallas passing ball

Jim Cody.

Wests 1962-1973.

First grade games 125.

Jim Cody and Mick Falla Souths player O'Neill in background


            Noel “Ned” Kelly (Captain)

Wests 1961-69.

First grade games 114.

1969 Wests v Parr Cumberland SMH pic Ned sent off




Jack Gibson.

Wests 1963-64.

First grade games 19.

Bernie Kelly.

Wests 1958-60.

First grade games 23.

Bernie Kelly 1958 GF team photo



PPRC 2013 Roy Masters sittingRoy “Thirsty” Masters.

Wests 1976-1981.

Under 23s 1976-77.

First grade 1978-1981.

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