[Article 9475]2019 Pratten Park Magpies Reunion.


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This year we were celebrating Hookers.

Rugby League Hookers that is!!


Below the room before the storm…

room scene

room scene 2

room scene 1

Once again the room and tables were looking brilliant.

name tags

Name tags ready….

jim brophy

Jim Brophy ready.

nathan cole mick l john wiles

Some of the men behind the day getting ready for the rush.

Nathan Cole , Mick Liubinskas and John Wiles.

Meanwhile the Boys from Western Suburbs were having a cold drink in the Sports Bar.

group photo 1

Norm Dhu, Ray McNeilly, Sid Walsh and Paul Dornan.

pat thomas and tim murphy

Pat Thomas and Tim Murphy.

Image result for pat thomas rugby league

Pat Thomas jumping over Don Malone as Coach Noel Kelly looks on.

ray culpan dennis culpan

Ray Culpan, Bill Wilson and Denis Culpan.

group photo

Wayne Jenkins, David Stanford, Mick Liubinskas and Laszlo Parcsi.

john purcell and col ensor

John Purcell and Col Ensor.


michael duke,paul duke,brett clark, david kennedy

Michael Duke, Paul Clarke, Brett Clark and David Kennedy.

trevor cogger stephen mullen and mark toomey

Trevor Cogger, Stephen Mullen and Mark Toomey.

ted mcCabe and barry glasgow

Ted McCabe and Barry Glasgow.

Image result for barry glasgow rugby league

A very young Barry Glasgow.

col ratcliff and Ben Fisher

Col Ratcliff and Ben Fisher.

Time to start the Official PPM Réunion.

mick l

 Mick Liubinskas welcomes everyone to the 34th PPM Reunion.

mick l talking

Not sure what Micks talking about here….

mick l room

But the crowd listen on…

mick l view from box

View from the control room.

tommy r video

Tommy Raudonikis sent a video greetings from his home.

mick pinkington speaking

Mick Pinkerton reads out the names of the PPM members who have died over the last 12 months.

obit 1


The Late Ted Allard, Col Lewis and Tony Ford in 2017.

obit 2

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”


riick wayde speaking

To lighten the mood the traditional game of Heads or Tails was played.

heads and tails

After a few questions we were down to the last 2.

head and tails last two

Tim Murphy and Mark Wallington.

heads and tails winner tim murphy

The winner….Tim Murphy.

Below are a few random photos of the day.

joe and jim begnall

Joe and Jim Begnell.

bill king, don williams and john craig

Bill King, Don Williams and John Craig.

darcy russell don parish and harry wells

Darcy Russell, Don Parish and Harry Wells.

Image result for don parish rugby league

cec ainsworth

Cec Ainsworth.

geoff squires olsen filipaina and ian heads

Geoff Squires, Olsen Filipaina and Ian Heads.

Image result for olesen fiferpano rugby league

Olsen Filipaina playing for the Tigers.

dennis spagarino

Dennis Spagarino.

darren murphy and semi hausia,

Darren Murphy,  Ben Olander and Semi Hausia.

darcy russell and gramham ibbitts

Darcy Russell and Geoff Ibbett.

denis brown chow and pat regan

Denis Brown, Pat Regan and sitting Chow Hayes.

brett hickman

Jason Keays and Brett Hickman.

col ratcliff joe begnell greg ratcliff

Col Ratcliff, Joe Begnell and Greg Ratcliff.

gary lester and jim reis

Gary Lester and Jim Leis.

gary leo and bill hilliard

Gary Leo and Bill Hilliard.


A young Gary Leo.

tony ford and jim begnall

Two Old Feds Boys.

Tony Ford and Jim Begnell.

Image result for tony ford rugby league

Tony Ford in his playing days.

LUNCH is Served.


food 1 greg ratcliff

As always the meal was great, plenty of choice and plenty of food just ask Greg Ratcliff.

Back to the random photos.

tony a

Tony Andreacchio.

herb, shannon cavanagh and rick yabsley

Herb Smales, Shannon Cavanagh and Rick Yabsley.

allan fitzgibbon 1

Tiger Alan Fitzgibbon.

Image result for allan fitzgibbon rugby league

A. Fitzgibbon.

dennis burgess

Dennis Burgess.

mike baily and john brown

Mike Bailey and John Brown.

jeff nielson jon clarke

Jeff Nielsen and Jon Clarke.

ron chilcott and les hobbs

Ron Chilcott and Les Hobbs.

Gents its time for Rick Wayde and the interviews with the Old Hookers.

interviews ray brown

Ray Brown.

Image result for ray brown rugby league

Pat Smith and Ray Brown in their Country T Shirts 1978.

interviews alan fallah

Allan Fallah.

Image result for allan fallah rugby league

Allan Fallah in 1986.

interviews john purcell

John Purcell.

Image result for john purcell rugby league

Percy training for the Monaro team about to play Great Britain.

Then Rick asked 2 referees to give their view on Hookers.

interviews dennis spagarino

Dennis Spagarino.

Image result for Dennis Spagarino rugby league

Dennis…photo taken before colour was invented.

interviews mick stone

Mick Stone.

Image result for mick stone rugby league

Mick Stone getting a few words of encouragement from Bozo.

Speaking on old style Hookers….

Image result for noel kelly rugby league

snoozer ned and harry w

Three Wests Greats.

John Elford, Noel Kelly and Harry Wells.

patrick odoherty, dale hall and trever cogger

Patrick O’Doherty, Dale Hall and Trevor Cogger.

rod wilkinson and dominic alberga

Rod Wilkinson and Dominic Alberga.

In 1969 the biggest upset in sporting history was when Balmain 11 defeated Souths 2.

Image result for balmain v souths 1969 rugby league

Three players from the Balmain team were special guests and they were interviewed by Rick Wayde.

balmain team on stage 1

Ian Heads, Peter Boulton, Allan Fitzgibbon, Gary Leo and Rick.

balmain team on stage

Ian Heads has written the Rugby League book about the 1969 Grand Final its called….

Image result for balmain v souths 1969 rugby league

The book is available at all good and bad book stores.

Back to the random photos.

mike bailey and paul mildwater

Mike Bailey and Paul Mildwater.

leigh miranda

Leigh Miranda.

paul dillon and fred mckenzie

Paul Dillon and Fred McKenzie.

john cootes justin pascoe and david trodden

John Coates, Justin Pascoe and David Trodden.

robbie payne,lincoln raudonikis, darren murphy.

Jason Keays, Robbie Payne, Lincoln Raudonikis and Darren Murphy.


Leo Epifania.

Image result for Leo Epifania. rugby league

Leo in his playing days.

mike baily michael prichard richard keats peter hoy and john wiles.

Mike Bailey, Michael Prichard, Richard Keats, Peter Hoy and John Wiles.

john purcell and tony ford

John Purcell and Tony Ford.

mick alchin and ned

Mick Alchin and Noel Kelly.

Image result for mick alchin rugby league

Thats me in the backyard posing as my hero Mick Alchin.

mark wallington

Magpie Mark Wallington.

john king

John Rochester.

During the Reunion raffle tickets had been sold and now it was time for the draw.


Our barrel girl was Nathan Cole.

Winners are grinners.

raffle denis caplan

Denis Culpan.

raffle carl ross

Carl Ross.

raffle tervor cogger

Trevor Cogger.

raffle jeff nielsen

Jeff Nielson.

raffle jeff aplitt

Jeff Aplitt.

raffle alan davidson and nathan cole

Alan Davidson.

I knew the end of the official part of the Reunion was near because the PPM Mens Choir had taken centre stage.


“We are the boys from Western Suburbs,
come along and give a cheer,
for the greatest football players,
the Rugby League team of the year.

singing 2 ned and dennis burgess

…We’re fighting fit and we are ready.
We play to win with all our might.
And if you think we’re boasting,
stick around and hear us skite!

singing 1 col ratcliff and ned

Three to go we’re packing a scrum.
Won the ball we’re having a run.
Centre’s are running through,
fullback is in there too,

Across, the line, and Wests have won again!”

singing crowd scene

The crowd enjoying the PPM Mens Choir.

mick stone 10 mintues

Mick Stone gave them 10 out of 10.

The Pratten Park Magpies would like to thank Wests Ashfield and staff for helping make this day a Special one.

crowd scene pana

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