[Article 9290]Vale Ted ALLARD

Vale Ted Allard

1941 – 2019


Photo taken at Teds last PPM reunion 2015


Ted played his early Rugby League in the Eastern Suburbs district starting in the early 1950’s.

1954 tour of nz

Ted was chosen to go on the first ever school boys tour of New Zealand in 1954.

1954 photo off front cover school boys team

1954 photo with mowy

Also in the team was a very young and very fast John Mowbray.

1954 story of boys trip rln

I asked John Oates who knew Ted a lot better than I did to tell me some of his boyhood memories of Teddy Allard.

Ted Allard left Paddington School, the year before I had started there.  He was spoken about  in the highest of respect and for his exceptional sporting prowess.   I had met him on three occasions at the Rushcutters Bay swimming  baths, where all of the Paddington locals went for swimming during the day and of an evening.

rushcutters baths

The baths had subsequently been demolished some 50 years ago. He was a very good looking and stylish youth, olive skinned with a muscular build, brush back “Tony Curtis” style hair cut  and when he was at the baths; you knew he was there, because of the volume of young female swimmers having  increased by 300%, all doing backstroke, trying to win his attention.
He was the sprinting champion of the Paddington School and he had won the Sprint Championship with John Mowbray coming a close second, when on the New Zealand Tour with both the Paddington and New Zealand teams having competed. 
I do not know of the Eastern Suburbs Junior Team he had played with, but I am of the understanding that some of his team mates had played with the now defunct Bondi Royals and the now defunct Woollahra Waratahs. I think his teammates the past Kevin Ashley and the past Grahame Kale, had played with the Woollahra Waratahs. However, Frankie Puddick and Charlie Hitchings had played for Bronte, whilst Jackie Shaw and Ernie Lane had played for Bondi United.  I spoke to Alex for about 20 minutes at the “Beaver’s” funeral and he was a close mate of Grahame Kale, whereupon we spoke about that New Zealand touring party at length, including Teddy Allard’s exceptional speed.

 A few years later Ted was grade with Easts in 1957.

1957 program easts v manly 3rd grade

Ted on the wing for Easts v Manly.

1958 program easts v manly 3rd grade

In 1962 Ted moved over to Balmain.

1962 program balmain v wests

As far as I can research Ted played 2 First Grade game at Balmain but unfortunately Ted was chosen after the RLN programs were printed.

But with the magic of 2019 we can see how the programs should of looked.

1962 new program balmain v norths

1962 newspaper report ted playing first grade V norths

1962 Balmain V newtown fixed program

Ted scored a try in that game against Newtown and below is the printed proof of his Ist Grade try.

1962 The Sun game report 1

1962 tele game report 1

1962 tele game report 2

Fullscreen capture 7062019 75228 AM

Fullscreen capture 7062019 71526 AM

Ted stayed at Balmain for seasons 1963 and 1964.

1963 program wests v balmain

1964 program balmain v wests

In 1967 Ted saw the light and played for Wests for the next two seasons.

Fullscreen capture 7062019 65614 AM

Wests Third Grade won the premiership in 1967 and Ted was one of the members of that winning squad.

Wests 1967 Grand Final photo

Fullscreen capture 7062019 64341 AM

Below Ted catches up with old team mate Noel Dolton.


Sid Walsh, Ted Allard and Noel Dolton.

Fullscreen capture 7062019 70405 AM



Ted with team mates Tony Ford and Col Lewis.

Col Lewis was the captain of the 1967 winning team.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATed, Noel Kelly and Noel Dolton.

Ted Allard was always smiling and happy to have his photo taken at the PPM reunions.

He was always up for a chat.

Ted we will miss you.

Vale Ted Allard.

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