[Article 6185]Vale Pat TOOHEY

VALE Patrick John Toohey.

1934 – 2017.

Fullscreen capture 6072017 70410 AM

Billy Owens and Pat Toohey.

Photo taken at the 2009 Pratten Park Magpies reunion.

Pat played for Wests between 1953 and 1955. See card below.

Wests card

Pats players card from the Wests Archives.

In 1954 Pat played in all three grades.

1954 third grade

reserve grade 1954

reserve grade st g 1954

Also Pat gets a mention in the program.

story about Pat 1954

Pat was only 20 years of age.

only first grade game 1954 v Balmain.

Pats  First Grade debut .

* Note W.Owens aka Billy and P. Toohey playing together in 1954.

Fullscreen capture 6072017 70410 AM

Billy and Pat two Old Magpies arm in arm 55 years later.

Pat Toohey only First grade game report.

Pat gets another mention.

I found this game report from 1954. It is from the Lithgow Mercury newspaper.

Pat scores Wests first try.

See below.

Teams lithgrow v wests


newspaper report Pat sent off in Lithgow 1

lithgow 2

lithgow 3

lithgow 4

Vale Patrick John Toohey.

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