[Article 5266]2017 Magpies Heritage Night. Oh what a night….

 flyer 3

Auction #1

Rick Wayde welcomes all to the 2017 Heritage Night.

This year’s theme was “Home Grown”.

c 21

Part of the very large crowd.

flyer 2

MOL Christmas Party Bruce Clarke

Speaking of “Home Grown” Big Bruce Clark.

bruce clarke

Bruce with friends.

L-R Shannon Gallant, Brooke Gallant, Wayne Bennett and Brett Clarke.


Shannon Gallant in his playing days at Wests.

The first event of the night were the interviews.

int 1

Mick Pinkerton, Trevor Cogger and Steve Ghosn.

int 3

Trevor Cogger.

Local junior who played the most games in all grades for Wests. 303 including 161 First Grade games.

int 2

Mick Pinkerton.

Local junior who played a total of 134 games for Wests.Mick Pinkerton 1985

int 4

Another Wests junior Leo ‘Ledge’ Epifania on stage far right.

Interview Part 2.

int 9

Wests Tigers Interim Head coach Andrew Webster , Noel Kelly and Tommy Raudonikis .

int 12 int 11

Ned and Tommy sharing stories from the “Good Old Days”.

int 10

 Ned gets serious about Wests.

int 8

The crowd listen intently to Ned and the boys.

Interview Part 3.

int 15

Rick, Bob Cooper, Wayne Smith and Roy Masters.

int 14

Bob Cooper, (centre) Wests Junior played 81 First Grade games with Wests.

int 16

Wayne Smith Local Junior (Feds) played 163 First Grade games for Wests.

Ranked third to Tommy R (201) and Yappy Holman (203).

roy masters

Wayne Smith, Roy and Ron Giteau @ the SCG.

Below are a few photos of the crowd on the night.

c 18

Alan Neil and friend.

Alan Neil 1980

 c 15

Kelly Egan, and Mark Sawicki.

c 17

Allied Express boys.

c 9

c 16

Andrew Webster and friend.

cccc 3

cccc 5

I think they just heard that Ivan Cleary is the new Wests Tigers coach.

c 11

Robert Crawley and Ron Chilcott.

c 14

Chris Lawrence, Sauaso Sue and Andrew Webster.

cccc 2

Lynn and Geoff Henry.

c 13

Kevin and Jeff Dark.

c 12

???, Jim Webb and Gary Lester

cc 2

Mum surrounded by her sons.

Bill Jr, Geoff and John.

c 4

Brian and Elle Cook (centre) with Guests.

cccc 1

Nathan Cole and Cherie .

c 5

c 1

Shannon Gallant, Bob Cairns, Mick Pinkerton, Kevin Montgomery and Brett Clarke.


Its time for the all important Raffle….prize is the new edition of “Clouds of Dust Buckets of Blood

Clouds of Dust book cover

book draw 3

Gary Lester talks to Rick about the book before the draw.

book draw 1

 The winner is………Number…… 7.

book draw 2

One lucky and very happy winner.

More crowd photos below.

c 10

Simon Cook and Gary Johnston.

cc 19

Brian and Elle Cook.

Brian Cook 1980

c 8

Four Likely Lads.

c 6

Clare and Dennis Burgess.

cc 4

AJ and Tony Ford.

Tony is Wests’ greatest points scorer in all grades, 908 points

[185 games; 19 tries; 425 goals; 1 fg]


First Grade: Top 4 point scorers in First Grade.

Bill Keato 767 points

Darcy Russell 762 points

Tony Ford 667 points

John Dorahy 536 points


Tony played 104 First Grade; 55 Seconds; 7 Thirds; 19 Pre-season games


tony ford kicking

Tony in his playing days.

cc 9

Trish and Tommy Raudonikis.

cc 3

Wests Ashfield Promotions Manager Renata Csanyi [far left]

and Human Resources Manager Virginia Kubik [far right]


cc 8

Bob Cooper, Nathan Cole, Mick Liubinskas and Alan Neil.

cc 18

John Hayes and Jim Cody.

cc 13

Linda and John Dorahy.

cc 7

A thorn between two beautiful Roses….

Hazel Holman, Tommy and Pam Owens.

auction 1

Rick Wayde calls order for the start of the Auctions.

auction 3

My favorite auctioneer Alby Talarico is warming up the crowd….

auction 4

First item a Bob Cooper signed jumper.

auction 14

Bob and the winning bidder Colin Ison.

auction 2

Second item an Alan Neil signed Victa T Shirt.

auction 13

Alan with winner Philip Cross

auction 10

Third item an Wests Tigers jumper signed by James Tedesco.

auction 7

 To me the item of the night.

1961 GF team.

* Chow and Ned.

A 1961 Grand Final jumper sign by the Wests Team.

auction 11

Alby Talarico in full flight.

auction 16

The very lucky bidder Gary Johnston with Ned and Chow .


A few more photos from this great night……

cc 6

cc 11

Mick and Vicky Luibinskas.

cc 14

Neil and Alan Davidson.

I think Dad won the book??

cc 1

John Owens and Tim Murphy.

ccc 2

Tony and Denise Andreacchio.

ccc 3

Tommy and Roy Masters.

tommy r photo

Photo taken a few years earlier….

(thanks to Big Steve Dillon for this photo)

ccc 6

Jim and Terry Cody.

ccc 8

Lucky Table 13.

ccc 5

Lynn and Wayne Smith.

ccc 4

Colleen and Bob Cooper.

ccc 7

Geoff Squires and Carl Ross.

ccc 9

 A happy crowd of Magpie supporters.

ccc 11

Everyone’s into the Red…..time to go home…almost!

ccc 10

Warren Smith from Sleeping Giant, Wayne Smith and Jeff Aplitt.

Now its time to go home…there taking down the photos from the wall……

It truly was a wonderful night.

rick wayde

Simon Cook CEO of Wests Ashfield, Rick Wayde and Leo Epifania

Thanks to Rick Wayde, all of his helpers and the crew at Wests Ashfield for putting together a “Home Grown” Night to Remember.

As the Four Seasons sang in 1963….. “Oh what a Night……

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