[Article 4626]Old Boys Day at Lidcombe Oval 2016

Back Liddy Oval

What a brilliant day it turned out to be.

The weather was great, plenty to eat and drink a heap of Wests supporters and lots of Old Boys …….



score board with 47 seconds to go

 The new and improved Scoreboard at Lidcombe Oval. Final score with only 47 seconds to go.

Below are a few photos I took of this fabulous day at Lidcombe Oval.

front entrance

paul dillion

A well rugged up Paul Dillon.

3 wests supporters

3 Wests supporters from the Victa era.

Ned Barry Geoff and Tim

L to R  Barry Glasgow, Noel Kelly, Geoff Squires and Tim Murphy.

terry tasker and neil

3 Enfield Feds boys. Wayne Bennett, Terry Tasker and Neil Bennett.

crowd scene

More and more Wests supporters arrive to Liddy Oval.

joe cool and friend

Wests fan and Joe Cool.

Gear tent

Merchandise Tent had a very busy day.

mick selling drinks

Mick Luibinskas selling drinks at the most popular Tent.

man with wests banner

The Wests banners were thick on the ground.

wests banner

wests fanatics banner on fence

The Fanatics were there in force…

wests banner on fence

The cold wind was coming from the South.

john purcell and mate.

John Purcell (singing) and Old Mate.

line for snags

Time to join the line for lunch.

cooking snags

Forget Master Chef !!

cooking snags 2

The snags were very good…well done lads.

jamie myers and bruce clarke

Jamie Myers and Bruce Clarke.

Back to liddy oval 2

 Bruce Clarke on the burst a few years early…at Liddy Oval.

paul dillion and 2 mates

These 3 blokes have been sitting together at Lidcombe Oval since 1967.

roy masters interview 1

Roy Masters talking to the Media.

roy masters interview 2

Roy Masters talking about the good old days at Lidcombe Oval.

view from grand stand 1

A few photos taken from the grandstand.

view from grand stand 2

Having visited  Lidcombe Oval since before the official move in 1967 this was only the second time I had sat in the grand stand.

I almost forgot …..there was a game played on Saturday…..

Below is the official match report taken from the Wests Magpies website.

Click onto link below to view this very good website that will keep you up to date with everything Wests.




Wests’ Old Boys Day was a rousing success on and off the field, the Magpies defeating Concord-Burwood 28-10.

With a healthy crowd cheering them on, Wests registered first points after ten minutes, a Brendan Waters kick rebounding and Thomas Capper taking advantage by going in out wide.

Concord returned serve in the 25th minute, Jackson Garlick burrowing over from dummy half on the last after Wests had defended four consecutive sets on their own line.

Both sides had their chances but were denied by strong defence until the 33rd minute, Brendan Waters going to the line and delivering a perfectly timed flat ball for Josh Davis to push through and touch down, Shannon Gallant’s conversion making it 10-4 at the interval.

Concord settled into a grinding rhythm to begin the second half, but it was Wests who scored first as Dayne Craig put Luke Williams through a goal line gap for his second of the season, Shannon Gallant following up a Brendan Waters kick shortly afterwards to blow the score out to 22-4 to the home side with 25 minutes remaining on the clock.

The remainder of the second half was a grinding affair with little in the way of tryscoring opportunities, although both sides got a little restless towards the end, Concord going in out wide through Sione Fukofuka with six minutes remaining on the clock.

Wests would have the final say in front of their alumni however, Dayne Craig breaking clear and allowing Brendan Waters to chip perfectly for Thomas Capper to grab his second try out wide, Wests easing their way to an 18 point victory.
WESTERN SUBURBS 28 (Thomas Capper 2, Josh Davis, Luke Williams, Shannon Gallant tries; Shannon Gallant 3 from 4) defeated CONCORD-BURWOOD 10 (Jackson Garlick, Sione Fukofuka tries; Marc Russell 1 from 1, Scott Williams 0 from 1)

Penalties: Wests 5 Concord 8

Halftime: Wests 10 Concord 4


1 Shannon Gallant
2 Jerome Mose
15 Inno Inosesio
4 Josh Davis
5 Thomas Capper
6 Jay Bonnell
7 Brendan Waters
8 James Mirceski
9 Dayne Craig
10 Jim Laulilii
11 David Harris
12 Jackson Williams
13 Daniel Ravkin

14 Luke Williams
16 Andy Fiagatusa
21 Hala Masila
23 Heheako Tuima

A few photos of the winning team lead by Shannon Gallant

singing “we are the boys from Western Suburbs…….


shannon and boys 1

Shannon Gallant .

shannon and boys 3

The rest of the team join in.

hannon and boys 4

The boys in full voice.

shannon and boys 2

Part of the huge crowd that stayed  behind in very cold conditions to sing along with the winning Wests team.


Photo of the day Big Gary Topham just after full time. One very Happy Magpie.

Below is a link to see the Winning Wests Ron Massey Cup side sing the Wests Song.


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