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Pups return to Pratten Park ended in Wests First win of the season.


Scre sheet 2016

pup at first slip

Pup waiting for a catch in slips.

Pups bag

A rare photo of M.J. Clarke’s Aussie kit bag in the PP Wests dressing room.

score board PP

The early signs on day two were not good for Randwick Petes.

grand stans PP

The Davidson Simpson Grandstand at Pratten Park.

Wally Wellam

A face in the crowd Wally Wellman.

inside coat

The inside of Wally’s blazer showing his Premiership wins at Wests.

Pup supporters.

A team of interested onlookers.

Mick Luibinskas, Mitchell Cole, his dad Nathan Cole, Wayne Bennett and Terry Tasker.

Note: far right with back to camera Simon Cook CEO of Wests Ashfield ordering another Snag sandwich.

Below are a few photos taken on the day by Mark Ray.


Young fans wait for Pup.

Pup signing aotographs

 Pup making dreams come true.


A couple of older kids were happy to see Clarkey.


The Wests team photo take one.


The Wests team photo take two.


Nick Cutler.


Fabian Cowdrey.

Pup 10

The Fabian I remember.


Pup Clarke.


The team discussing how to tell Pup he cant play next week.

Thanks Ray for the use of your brilliant photos.

Battle of the smashers

Don’t forget this Sunday the game of the Summer……

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