[Article 4188]Noel Kelly’s 80th Birthday Party.

New pic of invite

The hottest invite of the year.

1969 Wests v Parr Cumberland SMH pic Ned sent off

 Noel being told to go home and get ready for the night of nights…His 80th.


 The Wall of Memories ….


The Black and White Balloons….

photo poster ned

ned poster

The Posters….

norm ponder at table

The MOL men Norm Pounder and Denis Bendall ready at the sign in table….


All was ready for the Noel Raymond Kelly’s 80th Birthday Party.

crowd scene 2

 The Magpie Room at the Long Reef Golf Club starts to fill with excited guests.

A brilliant video of Ned’s life both on and off the field was shown before the speeches.

This Video was produced by Ex-Wests player and Coach Billy Owens and will be included in the Video of the night that Steve Dillon of Aussie Flicks is producing.

At the end of this story there will be an order form to purchase the complete package for only $28.

rick and ned talking 2

Ned with Rick Wayde welcomes everyone to his 80th Birthday Party.

Then it was time to hear from former team mates and mates.

barry glasgow talking

Barry Glasgow tells tall stories from the past.

Barry galsgow story

barry photo

barry muir talking

Barry Muir remembering the 1963 Kangaroo Tour.

barry ross talking

Barry Ross on all things Rugby League and Ned.

mol boss talking

Ray Beattie OAM from the Men Of League.

mick cleary talking

Michael Cleary AO team mate from the 1963 Kangaroo Tour.

rod chvlier talking

Rodney Cavalier AO .

grame mc neice

Graham McNeice good mate.

DK and sistr talking

Noel’s son DK speaks about his Dad with a little help from his sister Natalie….

dk and sisters talking

Then sisters….Natalie and Judy.

ned getting his present from mol

The Northern Sydney Branch President Trevor Bailey of the Men of League

presents Noel with a special framed pictorial of his life on and off the field.

ned talking

Then it was Ned’s turn to thank everyone for helping him celebrate his Birthday.

With a very loving and special mention of his beautiful wife Chris.

ned talking 2

 Chris Kelly.

dennis burguess and rick singing Happy Bitay

Dennis Burgess and Rick Wayde lead the guests in a rousing version of Happy Birthday to you….

crowd scene 3

The Guests join in the singing.

Noel Kelly with keg.

After Ned replaced the keg…..

It was now time for Ned to work the room and catch up with family and friends.

nath cole ned and wife.

Nathan Cole, Ned and Cherie Walters.

3 wests men

Russell Smith, Rick Wayde and Mike Bailey.

billy smith

 St George great Billy Smith.

chow ned and dk

Greg Kelly, John Hayes, Ned and DK.

Big Steve and Mick Cleary

Steve Dillon and Souths great Mick Cleary AO.

jim hall

Jim Hall.

col and wife

Dianne and Mr Col Ensor.

2 men young

Craig Worrall and Nick Ruban.

ned and tim pickup

Ned and Tim Pickup.

carl ross

Carl Ross about to have one more Fluffy Duck.

chow hayes and geoff squires

John”Chow”Hayes and Geoff Squires.

harry wells

Yvonne and Harry Wells.

dennis and paul dillon

Dennis Burgess and Paul Dillon.


Rugby League great John “Bomber” Peard.

fred jackson and wife

Fred Jackson and Julie Jackson.

fred jackson

Fred being sent off against Wests 1963.

gary lester and man

John McMartin and Gary Lester.

guy and tim Murphy

Ted McCabe and Tim Murphy.

jill squires etc

Jill Squires, Diane Pounder and Vicki Bailey.

john elford and wife

John Elford and Vicki Lavender.

mrs watson and friend

Bev Watson and Ken Morris.

Mick and wife

Mick Alchin and Jean Alchin.

fred man greg hyde

Fred Jackson, Steve Springall and Michael Hyde.

billy smith and barry muir

Billy Smith and Barry Muir.

2 Great Half Backs.

billy smith passing ball

Billy Smith passing the ball.

Barry Muir passing ball

 Barry Muir playing for his beloved Queensland.

4 men

Bryan Stephen, Don Gates, Geoff Perks and Neil Musgrove.

3 ladies

Lyn Stephen, Joan Gates and Pat Perks.

2 men

Wayne Springall and Ray Beattie OAM.

2 men bald

Tony Howard  and  ???

2 ladies

Mary Clarke and Denise Musgrove.

3 ladies chris kelly and jill squires.

Sandra Ross, Chris Kelly and Jill Squires.

geoff squires rick ken gentals and wife

Geoff Squires, Rick Wayde, Veronica and Ken Gentle.

jeff neilson and 3 men

Jeff Neilsen, Brett Thomas, Tim Murphy and Tim Pickup.

mick liubinskas and wife

Mick and Vicki Liubinskas.

ned grand daughter

Grand daughter Jaime and Ned.

pat thomas

Pat Thomas and Bill King.

mick cleary and rod cavlier

Maria Cleary, Rodney Cavalier AO and Michael Cleary AO.

wayne smith and barry glasgow

Wayne Smith and Barry Glasgow.

phil franks and wife nathan cole and wife

Phil and Paula Franks with Cherie Walters and Nathan Cole.

neds grand daughter

Jaime and Simone.

ray brown

Ray Brown, Steve Springall and Tracey Brown.

terry randall and d kelly

A very fit Terry “Igor” Randall and DK.

terry randall 1976

Terry Randall 1976.

tony brown and barry muir

Tony Brown and Barry Muir.

trevor cogger plus 2

Steven Lawler, Trevor Cogger and ???.

steven and harry

Steven Lalich and Harry Wells.

steve winter plus 2

Steve Winter, Mrs Storey and Kevin Storey.

crowd scene 1

It was a night to remember, lots of laughter, singing and plenty of great stories from the past.


On a personal note I would like to thank Noel Kelly for his years at Wests 1961-69 and 111 First Grade Games.

Wests team photo 1961 PP dressing room 2

And his many games for this country (25).

As a young boy Noel was my favorite player and to be at his 80th Birthday Party was a real honor.

tony and sign 

Thanks Noel it was a great time to be a young Wests supporter.

Noel Kelly photo punching bag 1969

 If you would like to order the Video of the night which also has the

Billy Owens “A Life in Football”  on it.

Look below to order NOW.


a life in football 1


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