[Article 2888]John “Dallas” Donnelly Weekend and Memorial Ball.

On the weekend of the 8th May 2015 at Gunnedah the John “Dallas” Donnelly Weekend and the Dallas Donnelly Memorial Ball was held.

Dallas 1970s

A few Pratten Park Magpies made the trip to Gunnedah to be part of the weekend.

Dallas passing ball

Dallas getting the ball away to support.

Boys at Gosford

¬†Mick Pritchard, Steve Blyth, Peter Young, Lindsay Sinclair,¬† Wayne Bennett and Nathan “Scoop” Cole.

boys in the morning.

Mini meeting at back of Motel.

Steve Blyth, Bruce Gibbs, Tommy Raudonikis, Mick Pritchard, “Red” Zamparini.

Boys on the punt

The boys having a quiet punt on Saturday arvo.

Steve, Peter, Frank, Mick, Bruce and Tonto.

Bruce Gibbs and Dallas and Jim Leis

Bruce Gibbs taking the ball up.

Dallas poster.

Much later all dressed up at the Ball.

Boys at the ball.

Back row : Peter Young,Paul Merlo, Scoop,Wayne Bennett,Steve Blyth,

Middle Row : Mick Donnelly(brother),Tommy R, Gloria Donnelly(mum) Jim Leis.

Dallas on screen

Dallas up on the big screen.

Boys at the ball mm

The Pratten Park Magpies table.

The next day.

Team photo Gunnedah 2015

Gunnedah Bulldogs v West Tamworth Lions.

The two teams line up at Kitchener Park Gunnedah.

Boys in stand

Lindsay Sinclair,Bruce Gibbs and Nathan Cole surrounded by Wests Fanatics.

Dallas and Bruce Gibbs color pic with girl

Dallas, Unknown, Bruce Gibbs.

Boys in the stand

The boys watching the game from the John “Dallas” Donnelly Stand.

Wests Fanatics

Fanatics enjoying half time.

Gloria with jumper.

Gloria Donnelly showing off the famous number 11 jumper.

Mick Donnelly is far right.

Gunnedah Bulldogs

The Gunnedah Bulldogs.

Dallas Cup

The Trophy.

West Tamworth Lions 50 defeated Gunnedah Bulldogs 24.


“The Legend from Gunnedah”

Dallas with Lidcombe Oval in the background.

Thanks to Nathan “Scoop” Cole for supplying the pics and info.

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