[Article 17019]2024 Pratten Park Magpies Reunion

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Pratten Park Magpies celebrated our 37th Annual Reunion on Saturday 22 June 2024, when more than 170 guests gathered at Wests Ashfield to reminisce about the good old days from Pratten Park, Lidcombe Oval and Campbelltown Stadium.

 Our Reunions are always great Days, and this one didn’t disappoint with a great mate ship and camaraderie in the room.

The theme for the Day was our Dual Wests Magpies & Balmain Tigers Players with 17 players who have represented both Clubs in attendance.

We were honoured to have our Co-Patrons, Harry Wells and Don Parish attending, travelling down from the mid North Coast and Central Coast respectively.

Guests enjoyed a brilliant pictorial of our oldest living player, Darcy Russell and a an informative and thoroughly entertaining discussion between Roy Masters and Shane Richardson.

There were so many people who contributed to the success of the day. Particular thanks to Bruce Clark and Paul Merlo who assisted with the sale of raffle tickets and our Auction. Thanks to everyone who supported the Raffle and Auction. All monies raised on the day subsidise our NSW & QLD Reunions.

We had some outstanding raffle prizes and I would like to acknowledge the contributions made by the following Sponsors…SCG Hospitality, Concord Golf Club, Western Suburbs Magpies FC and the Holman Barnes Group.

Our Reunion would not be at all possible without the tremendous support of the Holman Barnes Group Board of Directors, Management and Staff…Thank You!

Finally, days like Saturday don’t just happen. There is a lot of preparation and planning that goes into the event and we are indeed fortunate to have a passionate team of Magpies on our Committee who put it all together. They seek no plaudits but should be congratulated for their efforts. 

 Mick Liubinskas


Pratten Park Magpies

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Some of the PPM 2024 Committee.

Michael Duke, Trevor Cogger, Nath Cole, Mick Liubinskas, Garry Clarke and Brian Cook.

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The room ready for PPM Members and their Guests

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Steve Knight, Matt Parish, Don Parish and Russell Worth.

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A quiet drink before the start of the official reunion.

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John O’Bryan.

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PPM Members from different eras.

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Dave Gallagher, Alan Fallah,Gary Bukowski, Brett Davidson and Dennis Burgess.

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Wayne Kirby and Steve Rigney.

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Nath Cole, Julie Romero, Mick Neil and Trevor Cogger.

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Bruce Clark and Mick Stone a few years ago.

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Mick Stone and Bruce Clark 2024.

Bruce said he still could not get a word in.

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Roy Masters, John Dorahy and Bruce Gibbs.

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Bruce Gibbs in full flight.

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Mark Manston, Geoff Spotswood, Lindsay White, Wayne Smith.

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Bruce Clark and Peter Young.

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Bob Cairns, Kevin Hammond, Shannon Cavanagh.

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John Brown and Julie Romero.

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Pat Regan, Garry Walsh and Brett Davidson.

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Wayne Smith and Steve Knight.

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Peter Ford and Ted McCabe.

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Steve Winter, Barry Bryant and David Bryant.

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Barry and his son David Bryant a few years earlier.

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Steve Broughton and Col Ensor.

Pratten Park 2024 - 61 of 203

PPM Members and their guests stand for a minutes silence to remember those ex players who have pass away in the last 12 months.

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One of the highlights of the reunion was the discussion between Shane Richardson and Roy Masters.

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Barry Glasgow hard at work.

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Barry at work back in 1968 at the SCG.

Left to right Ron Saddler, Barry and Chow Hayes tackling.

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Don Parish, Harry Wells, Roger Buttenshaw and Billy Martin.

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Paul Dixon and Cec Ainsworth.

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Geoff Gardner and John Cattell.

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Dave Kennedy, Steve West, Stephen Broughton and Col Ensor.

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Linore Zamparina and Mark Wallington.

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Neville Sinclair and Gerald Celarc.

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Ken Hey and Gary Hooper.

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Neil Whittaker and Ian Thompson.

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Rick Wayde and David Middleton.

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Mick Liubinskas, Michael Duke and Brian Cook.

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Nath Cole and Darcy Russell.

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Darcy Russell playing for Wests in 1957 at the SCG.

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Auction time with Paul Merlo and Nattawan Taveethong Wests/Balmain autographed jumper.

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Colin White and Mick Stone.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 63307 AM

Garry Jack, Roy Masters and Darcy Russell.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 62339 AM

Andrew Farrar and Ted Thompson.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 20351 PM

Andrew Farrar playing for Wests in 1992.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 63456 AM

Don Williams.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 63927 AM

Kevin Brown, Billy Martin, John Fisher and Chad Brown.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 20754 PM

Billy Martin at the SCG in 1961.

Left to right Nick Yakich, Dave Barsley and Billy.

 Fullscreen capture 3072024 64354 AM

Bernie McQuade and Gary Bukowski.

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Trevor Cogger and Mark Lawson.

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Larry Redford and Paul Nazzitelli.

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Charlie Sacchetti.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 64943 AM

Col Lewis, Ray Culpan, Ian Thompson and Denis Culpan.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 65231 AM

Dennis Burgess.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 64900 AM

Pat Regan, Ray & Denis Culpan and Gary Walsh.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 65020 AM

Paul Quigg.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 65103 AM

Gary Jack.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 123448 PM

Gary Jack in 1981.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 65455 AM

Robbie Payne and Semi Hausia.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 65411 AM

Peter Ford, Tony Ford and Barry Bryant.

Fullscreen capture 14082023 25041 PM

Tony Ford about to preform one of his famous side steps.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 65604 AM

John Cattell, Geoff Gardner and Lindsay White.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 65535 AM

Warren Boland and Roy Masters.

Fullscreen capture 3072024 125740 PM

Warren playing for Wests.

Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was that I had such friends – W.B. Yates


Below is the link to see the famous Reunion Table Publication.


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