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Wests Player Number 654

Played for Wests 1967–1970

Geoff’s tally of games included 3 First Grade games, 33 Reserve Grade and 42 Third Grade games.

During Geoff’s 4 years at Wests he total 74 points in all Grades

This total is made up with 16 Tries and 13 Field goals

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Geoff played junior league with

 Concord United before joining Wests in 1967 after playing in

the Wests Presidents Cup team in 1965 and 1966.

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 In 1967 Geoff played in all Third Grade games and Wests went on to beat Balmain in the Grand Final. I spoke to Col Lewis who was the Wests Third Grade captain in 1967 and Col claims that Geoff won the 1967 competition by kicking a field goal in the Semi Final against Parramatta. Col said “If Geoff does not kick that last minute field goal in the semi we would not of played and beaten Balmain in the Grand Final”

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Nev Hornery scores under the posts against Parramatta in the 1967 Semi.

Wests Players left to right Col Lewis, Geoff Henry and Nev Hornery

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Col Lewis and Geoff at a recent PPM Reunion.

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Col and Geoff 57 years ago celebrating the winning try in the 1967 Third Grade Grand Final.

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Photo of the John McGrath try that sealed the game for Wests.

Wests players from left to right John McGrath, Peter Burnicle, Col Lewis, Geoff Henry, Rod Smith and Gary ‘Gus’ Gunton.

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Geoff proudly wearing his Wests jumper.


 Below are a few team photos from Geoff’s years at Wests.

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Geoff Henry made his First Grade debut in 1969 when he came off the bench in a round 12 match against Manly Warringah. It was reported in the Sun newspaper after that match that Wests would promote John Maxwell and Geoff Henry from Reserves in an attempt to spark the attack. Both men were selected in First Grade for the round 13 match against Canterbury.

Geoff’s First Grade debut was a very brutal game at Belmore Oval against Canterbury. 

Then Newtown at Lidcombe.

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Match Description below from the new Wests Archives website

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Geoff used to ‘fondly’ recall that his First Grade appearances were limited as Tommy Raudonikis, Player No 655 made his First Grade debut a few weeks later and as they say ‘the rest is history’. 

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 Geoff finished his playing career with two seasons for Ryde Eastwood in the Sydney 2nd Division in 1971 & 72. 

In this Grand Final Geoff is playing against his old Wests team mate Bruce Beer.


At the time of Geoff’s passing, he was a highly valued Committee Member of the Pratten Park Magpies and until quite recently our Treasurer.

Below are a few photos taken at PPM Reunions.

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Geoff at the 2012 PPM Reunion held at the SCG.

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 Geoff and Nath Cole.


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Some of the 1967 Third Grade winning team at the 2017 PPM reunion.

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Col Davis, Tony Ford and Geoff.

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 “Think where mans’ glory most begins and ends
And say my glory was I had such friends” – Yeats

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