[Article 1480]Alan Davidson AM MBE. Great Honour at SCG.

On Thursday the 18th of December 2014 the Members Entry Gate at the SCG was named in honour of Australian and Wests cricket great Alan Davidson.

Alan is also a long time member of the Pratten Park Magpies.

Gares photo 2

Alan Davo photo old.

Alan Keith Davidson.


Alan Davidson Gates sign

Alan Davo hits six on roof

Story about Davos BIG hit at the SCG.

Alan Davo photos at gate.

Alan with his famous left arm in the air.

Davo hits a six

Family at gates

Anthony Shepard AO,  Alan Davidson and Betty Davidson,  Stuart Ayres M.P.


Alan Davidson and Mike Bailey at a recent Pratten Park Magpies reunion.

Alan from all of as at the Pratten Park Magpies

Well done Davo……

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