[Article 12629]The Rees DUNCAN Story

 It was my honour to interview Rees Duncan recently via the telephone and with the help of his wife Dorothy we were able to put together some of the many highlights of his very long Rugby League career

Starting from when Rees played in the winning Maitland High School University Shield team of 1947 aged 15 until coaching Cooma in the late 1960’s at the age of almost 40



Below is my attempt to write the  Rees Duncan Story and what a story it is


Rees at the age of 15 was chosen to play five eight for Maitland High in the very prestigious University Shield competition

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Rees was already making a name for himself in Rugby League


The Kurri Kurri Years

Rees dad who was also called Rees had played for Kurri before the Second World War and was a great influence in getting Rees to play Rugby League

Rees Senior had played over 400 games for Kurri and also played against the Poms in 1936

He played hooker for Newcastle when they beat the touring English team 21-16

Also Country many times and NSW v QLD

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# Wests players

Fullscreen capture 7072021 82748 AM

Rees Jnr had come from a very impressive Rugby League background


At the age of 15 Rees was playing for Kurri in the extremely hard Newcastle competition

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During this time Rees was also going to Technical Collage

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Whilst playing for Kurri Rees played for Country Seconds and Firsts

And 1951 Newcastle V France And a two Tests V New Zealand And the 1952-53 Kangaroo Tour And against the touring American All Stars Rugby League Team

Rees is one of the very few players to play for Australia before playing for his State

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Newcastle played the 1951 touring French team at the Newcastle Sports Ground

Fullscreen capture 9072021 80708 AM

Newcastle were just beaten by France

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In those years Country district teams like Newcastle would play Sydney teams in what was called Country Week

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These games were played as a lead in to the annual Sydney V Country games

Below is a game between Wests and Western Districts played on the same day

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NOTE: the game was played at Lidcombe Oval

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Below are the programs from the two Sydney Tests that Rees played in against NZ

Rees became the 290th player to play for Australia in Rugby League

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Fullscreen capture 1072021 35947 PM-001

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Rees is the youngest in the Australian Team

NOTE: Roy BULL who will come into Rees life a few times over the next few years.


1952-1953 Kangaroo Tour of England and France

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This Kangaroo Tour was the last to go and return by ship

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NOTE: The Tour lasted eight months

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Keith Holman worked at Broadway Tailors for a few years

Fullscreen capture 11072021 20409 PM

Fullscreen capture 8072021 93640 AM

Photo taken at the SCG before the adventure started

Rees was only 19

Fullscreen capture 8072021 101500 AM

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The Kangaroos between games

Fullscreen capture 8072021 100755 AM

Fullscreen capture 8072021 100121 AM

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Rees missed about five games and came back to play five more Tour games in England before playing in six games in France

Rees played a total of 18 games and scored nine tries on Tour

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A special game was played upon the Kangaroos return to Australia

 On the 15th April 1953 there was a game between The Kangaroos v The Rest

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Rees was still playing in Kurri and was chosen to play for Country against Sydney in 1953

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The famous Country win over a star packed Sydney team

Darcy Russell kicked eight goals in this game

Also a good win over QLD


NSW 26 beat QLD 15

1953 was a busy year for Rees and Rugby League in Australia

The YANKS have arrived

team photo blue

Rees played against the American All Stars with the NSW team

There are very few players from both teams still alive in 2021, 68 years later

june 2

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june 2ndddd

Fullscreen capture 11072021 91251 AM

Rees with Keith Holman

june 2nddddd

nsw v aas 2

Could that be Rees in the background of this photo below?

nsw v aas 3


In late 1953 Manly approached Rees to play for the Manly team in the Sydney competition in 1954

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One of the Manly people was Roy Bull (below)

Fullscreen capture 13072021 14055 PM

Rees had toured with Roy on the 1952 Kangaroo Tour of England and France

The Manly Years 1954 -1956

Rees joined Manly and became Manly Player number 93

Fullscreen capture 9072021 92539 AM

Fullscreen capture 9072021 92855 AM

Rees first game with Manly

Fullscreen capture 9072021 123918 PM

Rees also played for Manly against a Western Districts Team in 1954 as part of Country Week

Fullscreen capture 11072021 91208 AM

Fullscreen capture 11072021 94037 AM

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Fullscreen capture 13072021 84859 AM

Rees and Gordon Willoughby at Manly training 1954

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Also in 1955 Rees played for Sydney Firsts

Fullscreen capture 11072021 91510 AM

Fullscreen capture 1072021 42745 PM

Rees dad came down to Sydney to wish his son well for the game ahead

Fullscreen capture 2072021 82525 AM-001

Below Rees was back playing the French in 1955

Fullscreen capture 1072021 44543 PM

Fullscreen capture 1072021 44643 PM

Fullscreen capture 11072021 94434 AM

Fullscreen capture 9072021 12113 PM

Fullscreen capture 9072021 12327 PM

In 1955 Manly made the Semis and were just beaten by Souths.

Fullscreen capture 9072021 101826 AM

Fullscreen capture 9072021 102206 AM

Fullscreen capture 9072021 102357 AM

Below are a few games from Rees years at Manly

Fullscreen capture 9072021 94335 AM

Al traing at Parra 1956

* Al E KIRKLAND played for the American All Stars

Fullscreen capture 9072021 94819 AM

Rees scored three tries

Fullscreen capture 11072021 91231 AM

Fullscreen capture 11072021 94615 AM

Fullscreen capture 9072021 95022 AM

Fullscreen capture 9072021 95331 AM

Rees scored a try and kicked five goals

Fullscreen capture 9072021 95529 AM

Rees scored a try in this game

Fullscreen capture 9072021 95837 AM

Fullscreen capture 9072021 101359 AM

Fullscreen capture 9072021 101551 AM


Back to Kurri Kurri 1957

Rees returned to Captain/coach Kurri and he was able to take Kurri to the Grand Final where they were beaten by Maitland 17 to 12

Fullscreen capture 1072021 32843 PM-001Fullscreen capture 9072021 21114 PM


Fullscreen capture 1072021 32608 PM

After this game Rees was chosen to play and Captain Country

Fullscreen capture 1072021 33225 PM

Fullscreen capture 1072021 33455 PM

The game below was played as a curtain raiser before the NSW v QLD game in 1957

Fullscreen capture 9072021 20101 PM

Fullscreen capture 9072021 20658 PM

Rees was now 25 years of age

 1958 Rees Duncan is off to Western Suburbs in Sydney

Rees became Wests Player number 563 (1958)

Fullscreen capture 1072021 43322 PM

Rees and Dorothy remember having lunch with Lou Moses and his wife at 9 Rosa St Croydon and the deal was done that Rees would play for Wests in 1958

Fullscreen capture 13072021 103510 AM

Lou and his wife with another famous Magpie at Rosa St Croydon

Fullscreen capture 10072021 94856 AM

Fullscreen capture 1072021 45320 PM

Rees first First Grade game at Wests

A very young Peter Dimond was playing on the wing

Fullscreen capture 1072021 31332 PM

Peter Dimond

Fullscreen capture 10072021 101902 AM

Fullscreen capture 10072021 102223 AM

Fullscreen capture 11072021 102050 AM

Fullscreen capture 10072021 103014 AM

Fullscreen capture 11072021 103301 AM

Rees was having a good year back in the Sydney comp with Wests until an accident at training happened

Fullscreen capture 10072021 101009 AM

Rees was unable to play Rugby League until making a return to Reserve Grade in Round 15

Fullscreen capture 11072021 103418 AM

During Rees time away from the game Don Malone had been playing in his centre position

1958 gf team photo

Don Malone (far right seated) played in the Wests 1958 Grand Final losing team

Fullscreen capture 11072021 103508 AM

Unfortunately Rees was unable to play First Grade again for Wests in 1958

After Rees came back via Reserve Grade he was once again injured and played his last game for Wests on the 9th August 1958 in Reserve Grade

Fullscreen capture 11072021 20205 PM

Rees receives an excellent job offer to work for Golden Fleece at Newcastle and he was also offered the job to Captain/coach the Lakes United Rugby League team in the Newcastle comp



During 1959 Rees was once again chosen to play for the Newcastle Rep team this time against North Sydney at North Sydney Oval

Fullscreen capture 11072021 21426 PM

Also playing at Lakes United was Rees old room mate from the 1952 Kangaroo Tour Albert Paul

Fullscreen capture 12072021 93607 AM

Left to right:  Charlie Gill, Albert Paul and Brian Carlson

All Newcastle players on Tour in 1952


After a season at Lakes United Rees moved to the town of Scone and played for the local team

Rees was also chosen to play against the touring French team of 1960

Fullscreen capture 11072021 30807 PM

Fullscreen capture 11072021 30926 PM


Another year another job move. Rees and his wife Dorothy looked after the Goulburn Hotel in 1961

Rees being Rees at the age of 30 he Captain/ coached  one of the two Goulburn Rugby League teams Goulburn United

Fullscreen capture 12072021 83631 AM

Rees was not the only ex international in Goulburn in 1961

Fullscreen capture 12072021 84127 AM

Below beaten in the Semi Final

Fullscreen capture 12072021 83946 AM


1962 – 1964

Having their home and successful business in the town of Scone

Rees and Dorothy moved back there after Goulburn and once again Rees was Captain /Coach of Scone Rugby League team

Using Scone as their base Rees found time to Captain/Coached Mudgee as well

Fullscreen capture 12072021 100055 AM

The Famous Big Trout at Adaminaby

Rees and Dorothy moved down to the  Adaminaby / Cooma area looking after Motels

Rees Captain/ Coached the local Rugby League team Cooma in Group 19

This story is only a very small part of the Rees and Dorothy Duncan life and times and of course adventures


A little recent history from 2010

Fullscreen capture 1072021 81810 AM

Rees and Noel White

Rees was named in the Kurri Rugby League Team of the Century in 2010

The 17-man squad include

Mark Hughes at fullback

Eddie Lumsden and Noel White on the wings

Dennis Boocker and Viv Madge in the centres

Rees Duncan Junior at five-eighth

Billy Roberts at halfback

Garry Sullivan at lock

George Hunter and Peter Brady in the second row

Bill Hamilton and John Sattler (captain) in the front row

and Jeff Masterman at hooker

with a bench comprising Jack Lumsden, Jeff Roach, Mick Shields and Phil Williams

Rees Duncan Senior was named Coach of the Century

Fullscreen capture 12072021 101922 AM

A long line of sportsmen all with the same name

Fullscreen capture 12072021 102010 AM

 Fullscreen capture 12072021 110008 AM

Newly weds back in 1952

Fullscreen capture 12072021 105947 AM

Dorothy and Rees in 2020

Fullscreen capture 13072021 90807 AM

Rees Duncan with his Wests Players Medal number 563 (1958) June 2021


I would like to thank a few people for their help with this story

Rick Fetherston for presenting Rees with his Medal at Grafton

Steve Lalich for his photos of Rees

Steve also copied all the photos so Rick could present them to Rees and Dorothy

Most importantly to Dorothy and Rees thank you for your great memories of things that happened over 70 years ago

 Fullscreen capture 11072021 91145 AM

Rees Duncan in his Australian Test jumper 1952

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