[Article 11029]Death of Peter BURNICLE.



We have been advised of the passing of Pratten Park Magpies member Peter BURNICLE.

2012 Peter Burnicle

 Peter second from the left with family at the PPM reunion 2012.

Peter played 46 games for the Magpies between 1963 & 1968. That tally included a single First Grade game in 1965.

He was a member of the 1967 Third Grade premiership team & played in the second row in the Grand Final.


Peter was known to me as a member of Concord Golf Club.


He had not attended reunions for some years due to suffering from dementia.


The Funeral will be held on 12 August at St  Ambrose Concord West.

2 Burke Street Concord West.

*The time is 10:30 , limited seating , family preference at first , 100 limit.




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